Despite the fact Roger Caranci dropped out of the mayoral race more than a week ago, his campaign signs can still be seen in parts of London.

In southwest London, numerous signs still advertise his candidacy, and Caranci says he didn’t expect signs to still be standing this close to election day, which is Monday.

“I'd thought we would have them down a lot sooner but because there were so many out there it is taking a little longer than we expected,” he says.

Caranci ended his campaign on Oct. 14 and endorsed Paul Cheng for mayor.

Caranci says there were hundreds of signs already installed across the city on public and private property. He and his son have spent many nights removing them.

“Our priority was the ones on public property, because we've noticed people have taken down signs and put them by the side of their house and called us to pick them up.”

The concern is that it may cause voter confusion.  Caranci's late withdrawl from the race will mean his name will still appear on the ballot -  and in the event of a close result - votes cast for him could impact who ultimately wins.

Veronica Johnston, who was walking by a Caranci lawn sign in east London Thursday,  believes London voters must take responsibility to be informed before going to the polls.

“Anyone who is interested in voting should know about who they are choosing on the ballot,” she says.

Caranci expects to have his remaining signs removed by the end of the weekend.

“I think we've done a good job notifying people we have pulled out on our social media and to your credit, the media has done a good job in letting people know.”