A Woodstock company’s plan for the former McCormick-Beta Brands building on Dundas Street are firming up, but not everyone is pleased.

Sierra Construction wants to build a lifestyle community - including a C-shaped seniors building on the east side of the site - townhouses in the rear, a pair of 6-storey apartment buildings and a mix of residential and office space.

The plans include expanding and preserving the historic factory building, but some say it is too ambitious and not in scope with the rest of the area.

Neighbour Mike Kaye is frustrated with the preliminary plan to redevelop the property.

“There is no consideration at all for the neighbours who are here because of the high density and zero park space left for us,”

He says neighbours are not against redevelopment, but worry there's a rush to remove the eyesore.

“You feel like there's a desperate feeling that they want to get something done here, but it has to fit the neighbourhood...Consider the neighbours already here.”

Ward 4 Coun. Jesse Helmer says residents have an opportunity to convey any concerns during the upcoming public process.

“Lots of times developers can accommodate those requests and what people want to see on the site with very small changes that don’t slow down the overall proposal,” he says.

The neighbourhood is so desperate for a park that some have taken it upon themselves to make their own. They've been cutting the grass in the back corner of the property.

“It’s a lovely lovely area. The new residents would enjoy this park as well, is not just the old residents,” Kaye says.

Helmer says a larger plan to redevelop other former industrial sites in the area could hold potential for park space not included in the Sierra proposal.

“I don't believe a big portion of the site is going to become a city park, but…there is a sort of plan for the overall area.”

A public meeting will be scheduled to discuss the proposal with neighbours before it goes to city council for rezoning.