A family of seven is still trying to recover - both physically and emotionally - after a head-on crash that sent them all to hospital over the weekend.

The two-vehicle crash on Embro Road south of Stratford on Sunday sent 10 people to hospital, including a family of seven.

Linda Mansley's daughter, son-in-law and five grandchildren were all in the minivan that was hit head on by a car that reportedly crossed the centre line.

The Ingersoll woman remains distraught over what happened, "It's like a nightmare, you're in a nightmare...It's just a horror."

Sandra and Darren Baker, along with their kids Zoe, 13, Zain, 12, Holly, 8, Abby, 6, and Quintin, 4, were on their way home from a family birthday party in Ingersoll when the crash happened.

The driver of the car involved is facing numerous charges including impaired driving causing bodily harm and dangerous operation causing bodily harm.

"When the car was coming Darren had enough time to tell everybody to hang on, so Zoe threw herself on her two - the youngest brother and sister - and that's probably what saved their lives," she says.

Sandra was trapped and rescue workers at the scene had to use the Jaws of Life to get her out of the van.

"This whole [right] side of her body is all broken, all her ribs, her pelvis, she has a rod from her knee to her foot. Zain had two punctured lungs, seven broken ribs, lacerations on his liver."

The crash was so violent, skid marks and debris are still visible where the accident happened along Embro Road five days later.

Mansley and her family are very grateful to those who assisted her loved ones at the scene an in hospital.

"There was an RN that was first there, she had a name badge on, I don't know her last name but her first name was Cindy, I just want to thank her for everything that she did. I just want to thank everybody, you know the doctors and nurses at both the Stratford hospital and London."

All of her grandchildren have been released from hospital, but for her daughter Sandra, it's going to take some time to recover.

"These kids are going to be scarred forever, but the good thing is the family's going to be closer together now because of everything that's happened and they're all alive."