As London breaks more weather records, an extreme cold warning is in effect and the temperature is taking its toll.

The average temperature so far this month sits at -12.7 C, which breaks the previously recorded average low of -11.7 C set in  1978.

The usual normal for February is -4.5 C.

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for much of southern Ontario as a frigid arctic airmass, combined with light to moderate winds, is expected to produce wind chill values between -30 and -35 C Thursday night and early Friday morning.

Officials are reminding residents that the risk for frostbite and hypothermia rise under these conditions.

All this cold weather is also taking its toll on area wildlife, from having trouble finding food to suffering from frostbite.

Feathered and furry creatures of all kinds are showing up at the Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre in Mt. Brydges in need of help.

Founder Brian Salt says Griffin the owl was so frozen he couldn't even hunt, "He came to us pretty much emaciated, not doing well at likely because of the cold."

He's almost back to his proper weight and will be released once the weather improves, but the road isn't always so smooth.

Other birds have been injured hitting buildings during storms or due to frostbite on their toes.

Furry creatures are also freezing to death because of the cold, and birds who need open water to feed are have difficulty.

If you see an animal or bird in obvious distress or just sitting still, Salt says "That's not normal behaviour and there is a good possibility they are going to need some help. So if they can't be subdued, then just give Salthaven a call and we'll go out and see if we can help."

Visit the Salthaven website for contact information.