An RCMP officer is being treated in hospital after an accidental shooting at the London police firearms range Friday morning.

RCMP Sgt. Richard Rollings says "During the training session there was an accidental discharge, which means that the firearm that one of the members was using accidentally discharged."

London police say the officer suffered a minor self-inflicted injury from a service pistol. She was transported to hospital and is listed in stable condition.

There are reports the officer shot herself in the knee, and while the injury is not considered severe, the incident could impact her career as the incident occurred during the annual firearms certification test.

An joint investigation between RCMP and London police continues into the incident.

Rollings says "In an investigation, basically, we look at why this firearm discharged - was it an equipment malfunction or was it something that someone did unintentionally."

This is the first time anyone can recall an officer shooting themself at the state-of-the-art facility under London police headquarters.