LONDON, ONT. -- The murder trial of Melissa George and Daniel Cavanagh resumed Wednesday with testimony from a couple who lived at the home where the incident happened.

Both George and Cavanagh are charged with first-degree murder in connection with the Oct. 2017 stabbing death of 43-year-old Raymond Beaver at his Lansdowne Avenue home.

Witness Connie Conway testified that she lived at 1 Lansdowne Ave. with her boyfriend George Janes.

She said on Oct. 2, 2017 when people broke into the house and started fighting, she ran out.

Conway said moments later Janes came out covered in blood saying “Ray is dead."

Later, George Janes testified that he was fighting off the attackers and received a gash.

Janes said that moments later, "I heard Ray go 'Ahhh,' a couple of times.” He continued, “I went downstairs to check on Ray and he was lying there in blood... I told a neighbour to call the police.”