Western University is in the international spotlight after cancelling a Sean Kingston concert that was scheduled for next Saturday as part of Orientation Week.

When the university learned there was a civil court case in the U.S. in which Kingston was alleged to have committed a sexual assault, they quickly acted to cancel.

The decision was made by the university administration and the students’ council.

Student council president Pat Whelan said Western is committed to student safety during O-Week.

"Having Mr. Kingston perform could cloud the values surrounding O-Week. We just think it’s in the best interest of the first year experience bring an act that isn’t shrouded in some sort of controversy.”

While the university is looking for a replacement for Kingston, the story is playing out around North America with TMZ and other media outlets reporting on it.

There has been both positive and negative reaction to the news, with some applauding Western’s stand and others believing as Kingston wasn’t convicted – he settled the suit – he should be allowed to perform.

“I’m more worried about who’s going to be performing and what’s going to happen with O-Week,” one student said.

Another was happy Kingston won’t be coming. “I support Western for doing that. I think it’s good.”.