Rapid Transit reports obtained by CTV News reveal that BRT routes at the centre of controversy in the downtown will be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

The routes along Richmond Street and King Street will be on the agenda for the Rapid Transit Implementation Working Group on Thursday.

Councillor Phil Squire chairs the group and says that he is most often asked if there is any room for changes in the routes.

“I am open to changes. One of the things I’ve seen since the start is that there haven’t really been any changes to the routes, they’ve been presented as a completed package,” says Squire.

Thursday’s meeting will focus on feedback from the February 23rd public meeting, including a long list of concerns around construction impacts, traffic, and parking.

The second part of the meeting will focus on the most contentious routes: the northern leg along Richmond, including a 900M tunnel, and the east-west route along King Street.

Mayor Matt Brown has committed to more public consultation in the coming weeks but wants to finalize routes in the spring so that detailed design and problem solving can begin.

“Over analysis can lead to paralysis and I don’t want this to become the 21st century version of the ring road,” said Brown.