About 200 people attended a rally in Sarnia Friday to support embattled mayor Mike Bradley.

It got heated at times, as supporters swarmed Bradley critic Coun. Cindy Scholten, who held a sign that stated, "Say no to bullying."

Sarnia Police are investigating an allegation of assault that occurred at the rally, although its unclear exactly what happened.

"I'm here for the four victims. I'm here for women in general saying that abuse is not okay and I know that a lot of people have been feeding off of negative energy and I figured they would try to hurt me or physically push me and I dont care i'm not here for myself," says Coun. Scholten.

But Bradley's supporters weren't having any of it.

"He (Bradley) doesn't take any holidays. He works almost 24-7 and they come down and they gather around him and they abuse him," says supporter David Boushy.

The rally at city hall comes after workplace restrictions were placed on Bradley.

The restrictions came after a report was released following an investigation into claims that Bradley was engaged in workplace harassment.

The 43-page report stated that the mayor had used verbal abuse, psychological abuse, supervisory abuse and character assassination against four staff members.

It said Bradley violated council’s Code of Conduct.

Bradley told CTV News earlier that he has made mistakes but wants the city to move forward.

"It's been a very difficult time for everyone involved here. I just want to see the city get back on track. The public has been very supportive in the sense that they understand that I've said I'm sorry. I've made some mistakes in the work place, I've learned lessons, I'm trying to move on."

Back in June Bradley’s pay was suspended for three months after the integrity commissioner said he had violated the code of conduct.