Two rallies are planned for Sunday to try to get a half dozen wading pools in the city opened again.

The city closed six wading pools because they can’t find enough certified lifeguards to monitor them. About 15 are needed.

Ward 4 councillor Jesse Helmer says there are two in his ward that are closed - the Smith wading pool on Brampton Road and the McMahen pool on Adelaide Street.

Helmer told CTV News he is in consultation with staff to see if the city's pools might all be able to stay open with reduced hours.

"The number one thing is - citizens of London who are lifeguards - the city needs you, so if you're a qualified lifeguard and you're looking for work, get in touch with us so we can fill out the 15 spots we still need to hire. With the reduced number of hours, I think we might have to look at across the board cuts rather than closing six specific pools," he says.

Helmer says the move to close the pools has had an impact on families who rely on them as a cost-effective way to stay cool during the summer heat.

To protest the closings, there are rallies set for 3:30 p.m. Sunday at McMahen and at at Meredith Park on Nelson Street.

The other wading pools closed are Byron, Murray and University Heights.