It's Craft Beer Week in Ontario and one St. Thomas business is brewing up a success story.

Railway City Brewing Company is finishing up a move to a much larger location on Edward Street, allowing them to hire more staff and produce more beer.

"We're actually quadrupling the size of our production capacity. That's going to definitely help because there's been too many times when customers have come down and we've been simply sold out of beer," says Vice President Paul Corriveau.

Railway City isn't alone, craft brewers across the province had sales jump by 33 per cent over 2012, and the St. Thomas company is looking to capitalize on that success.

Its new location will also have a larger retail operation and just like micro-brews in the U.S., they'll have a tap room with limited run productions.

Corriveau says there will always been something unique to try, while supporting the local economy.

"We've used local fresh apples, local Bartlett pears, local hops that are grown now that's an alternative crop to tobacco. So it's exciting when we're able to brew something and people are able to come out and try something new, something different and something interesting."

In its five years, Railway City has been able to grow from eight employees to 14, with more hires likely.

Zach Trynda was hired in May. He was one of the first through Niagara Colleges Brewmaster program, after doing a little kit brewing with some buddies.

"We got together and made it. It didn't turn out great, but that sudden idea, that realization that people make beer, it's not just a commodity, sparked a bit of interest for me," says Trynda.

The official opening for the new Railway City location will take place Monday, June 24.