Southwestern Public Health is sending out a reminder that products containing cannabidiol, or CBD, are illegal to sell or purchase within the retail sector.

It comes after tobacco enforcement officers came across products with CBD being sold at a handful of convenience stores St. Thomas and Elgin County during routine inspections.

CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis and can be used medicinally or recreationally.

Right now the only way to obtain these products legally is through through the online Ontario Cannabis Store. The same goes for any product containing THC.

Some of the products containing CBD include gummy bears and vape pens.

Tobacco enforcement officer Nathan Hofstetter says he suspects some retailers simply don’t understand the laws surrounding cannabis or its byproducts yet.

In a statement he added, “Everyone has a role to play in community health and safety. Individuals, retailers and communityagencies all need to understand the law and ask questions when there is uncertainty."