GLENCOE, ONT. -- A weekend release of new pharmacy locations for the COVID-19 vaccine is creating confusion.

Several on the list, released by the Government of Ontario, tell CTV News they do not have vaccines. They also state they have received no information from the province.

One of the impacted pharmacies is in Glencoe, Ont. where senior Shirley Cromwell went Monday in the hopes of being vaccinated.

She was disappointed when a staff member at Glencoe Pharmacy let her know they don’t expect shots in the short term.

“They said that they wouldn’t hold their breath,” Cromwell told CTV News when exiting the store.

Susan Clark, a pharmacy assistant at Glencoe Pharmacy, admits her location has been getting plenty of calls since the list went out.

But on social media and before a CTV News camera she is looking to clear the air.

“We are not giving the COVID-19 vaccine at this time.”

Clark added she is unsure if and when the location will administer shots.

Glencoe Pharmacy
Susan Clark, a pharmacy assistant at Glencoe Pharmacy, says she’s fielded numerous calls about the AstraZeneca vaccine, which the location does not have, Monday, April 12, 2021. (Sean Irvine CTV News)

For Shirley Cromwell, the news is very disappointing.

Eligible for some time for the vaccine, she says travel has not been a viable option.

Now, with her hopes dashed, she’ll continue to wait in Glencoe.

“I don’t want to go all the way to London to get a shot.”

While a vaccine clinic has opened in Mt. Brydges, there are many rural residents who, like Cromwell, are waiting to get a dose closer to home.

Lea Armstrong, of West Lorne, travelled for his vaccine, but he says the government needs to act quickly to administer more shots in Middlesex and Elgin counties.

“Yes, I certainly do think it will help. A lot of people don’t have cars, elderly people especially. So, yes, it will help.”

Meanwhile, Crowell returned home shaking her head at the province’s readiness, “Why would it be on the darn list if they don’t have it shipped in!”

In its initial release, the province listed the locations of 45 new pharmacies offering the AstraZeneca vaccination to adults 55+ in our region.

However, the release also states not all will be in the online database until they offer the vaccine.

To find available pharmacies and learn how you can sign up click here.