LONDON, ONT. -- The mayor of Sarnia is sounding-off about the stay-at-home order announced by the provincial government Wednesday.

Mike Bradley pulled no punches when he spoke to CTV News about the frustrations people in Sarnia Lambton are feeling over the changing rules and moving targets.

“Lockdown light,” is how he referred to previous measures.

“I don’t know who’s leading in Ontario, giving advice to the premier, or he’s making it up as he goes. But the fact is, the last few months have been hell for people out here. The inconsistency. Treating people like human yo-yos, when all people wanted was a clear direction," says Bradley.

"They want the vaccine. And they want to know there’s fairness and equality in the rules that are being applied in their community. And that hasn’t been the case with the green zones, the yellow zones, the red zones. The difference between small and big business. It’s been unfair, and people can smell an inequity a million miles away.”

Bradley’s comments followed a meeting Wednesday by Lambton County Council, in which council voted down a proposal by Sarnia Councillor Margaret Bird to call on the provincial government to lift all pandemic restrictions.

Sarnia city council had previously rejected the proposal.

In Middlesex London, meanwhile, many people are also expressing frustration. But there seems to be a sense that tighter restrictions should have been enacted in the first place.

Strathroy resident Brian Nicholls said he understands the balanced approach the government has been trying to achieve, but agrees that now is the time to lock down.

“It’s good we’re shutting down now, but it’s been bad for the government trying to balance between retail and people’s safety. A lot of people are going bankrupt. Businesses are closing. So it’s become a problem with that.”

London salon owner Jagova Hall said the province-wide order is fair. “You can’t just pick and choose businesses. I am owner of a small business, and I have to be shut down as a business. If the longer we are open for everyone to go and do whatever they want, the longer I’ll be closed.”

London resident Carol McGrogan worries that without a full stay-at-home order, people would be traveling between jurisdictions.

“If we don’t lock everything down, the places that they do lock down leave and come to our place- everything goes up. So you may as well be shut down. I think the airports should be shut down too. Let’s just lock everybody up.”