LONDON, ONT. -- The City of London asks the public to 'protect your collector' during COVID-19.

As garbage is being accumulated while people are staying at home, COVID-19 service updates have been put in place to help keep collectors safe.

If you are visiting an EnviroDepot, you must keep 6 feet away from employees, use a credit or Debit card, and quickly complete your visit.

London's W12A Landfill and Household Special Waste Depot is closed to the public, accepting only commercial vehicles with garbage and operation materials.

At home, used gloves and masks should be placed in a bag and then into the garbage container.

Any used tissue or napkins should be placed in the garbage, and not left loose in the garbage container or Blue Box.

If someone in your home is sick, do not dispose of containers that have touched their mouth in the Blue Box. These items should be put directly into the garbage.

Store bulkier waste such as furniture at your home as it is difficult for collectors to take at this time.

As London's Household Special Waste Depot is currently closed, do not throw out paint, batteries, or hazardous materials. These too should be stored at home for the time being.

The City of London reminds you that there is a three-container limit for garbage collection. Garbage tags can be purchased at EnviroDepots during the COVID-19 pandemic.