LONDON, ONT. -- Project LEARN began on Sunday, which meant a busy weekend for London police officers though only a handful of warnings were issued.

Police visited a total of 12 residences around Western University, Fanshawe College and downtown London for noise complaints due to loud music or parties.

Officers either found no noise issues or the gatherings cleared prior to their arrival at most locations.

Occupants and guests who remained at parties in progress were cooperative, according to police.

Officers used the opportunity to discuss education with respect to the bylaws, even though none of the parties fell under the definition of 'nuisance party.'

Although there were no charges laid, officers did issue 25 bylaw warnings and five provincial offence warnings in relation to the Liquor License Act and Trespass to Property Act.

Project LEARN increases police presence downtown and areas around Western University and Fanshawe College during the first few weekends of the school year.