It’s a research initiative aimed at having the youth voice heard when it comes to mental health care.

It’s called the PhotoSTREAM project, the 'stream' standing for Supporting Transition-Readiness for Emerging Adults with Mental Health Challenges.

“Unfortunately That period of time is a time that many young people fall through the cracks," says project lead Brianna Jackson.

The period of time Jackson is referring to is when youth transition from paediatric to adult psychiatric services, “That’s also when we see increased rates of suicide, self-harm and substance use as well."

Both a nursing student and a registered nurse, Jackson has worked with youth and adults in the mental health care system and says her experiences made her want to push for change

“I definitely have seen a real disconnect with the child mental health system and the adult system but also a disconnect between hospital and impatient care and community care.”

With that in mind Jackson is recruiting 15 youth for the photoSTREAM research project.

“We are using a unique method called photo-voice which is a participatory research method which just means youth are actively involved in the research project and they are using photography to Illuminate their experiences.”

The hope is that using photos will inspire a more open discussion about the state of mental health care and recommended changes.

Participants are still needed for the project and Jackson is looking to recruit youth between the ages of 18-24 who have been through the mental health system.

Any interested participants can find more information at: