There could soon be some relief for summertime bottleneck traffic on Highway 21 north going through Grand Bend’s main intersection.

Lambton Shores Mayor Bill Weber tells CTV News the municipality’s request to the province to pick up the lion’s share of funding to widen the connecting link roadway and replace the 60-year-old bridge has so far been well received.

"The uses have changed," Weber says. "There's much more pedestrian traffic, much more bicycle traffic so that's all part of the environmental assessment that was done on it and how it was designed with a turning lane, multi-use path on both sides so that it will serve the future."

The project would cost about $12 million, of which the province would shoulder 80 to 90 per cent if approved.

While most locals would welcome the progress, there's concern the bridge demolition as part of two years of construction will divide the town, cause problems for emergency vehicles and drive away tourists.

Weber says he expects to meet with Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek early next year to get a final answer on funding for the project through the Connecting Links Infrastructure Program.

If approved, construction would start next September and take two years to complete.