Convicted serial 'Peeping Tom' Bradley Priestap has been handed a nine-year sentence for actions police say terrorized students living near Western University.

Priestap, 50, was convicted of a dozen trespassing, night prowling and other voyeurism-related charges in August 2013.

In the summer of 2012, London police received numerous reports of a man peering into windows, climbing fire escapes and rattling handles at the homes of students.

During his sentencing, a psychologist told the court one of his victims remained afraid to go out at night or to turn out the lights long after finding a strange man in her bedroom.

Priestap has a long criminal record that includes sexual offences and has been in custody since his most recent arrest.

He was also designated a long-term offender, which means federal supervision of Priestap in the community will continue for 10 years after his regular sentence ends.

In his sentencing, Justice Thomas Carey said, "You've been sentenced for the best interest of society - to protect society."

But the for victims' families - whose daughters' lives have been changed forever - no sentence is long enough.

One father, who can't be identified, says, "For many of the girls involved, how do replace their innocence, how do you replace segments of their lives that have been stolen?"

A mother says, "[The victims are] not the same people we sent off to university, they've changed...he gets nine years, and then someone watches him for 10, but we have no guarantee that our daughter will ever be right again, or any of the other girls."

She adds that just because the "bad guy" has been caught, it's not over for the victims, for whom the effects continue to invade every part of their lives.

When asked if he wanted to address the court, Priestap said he was advised not to speak.

He will get credit for four years and four months already spent in custody. He is also banned from owning firearms for life.