Premier Kathleen Wynne paid a visit to an area business on Tuesday and admitted she’s troubled by the London region’s ongoing struggles with unemployment numbers.

The premier made the comments during a tour of the Armo Tool plant located near Lambeth, in Middlesex Centre.

She was there to re-announce a $330,000 investment by the Southwestern Ontario Economic Development Fund, which will help create 14 new jobs over the next three years.

The announcement was first made by Economic Development Minister Eric Hoskins about two months ago but, still, this was seen as an opportunity to promote the Liberal Government’s job creation efforts ahead of the by-election in the riding of London West.

But London West Liberal candidate Ken Coran wasn’t at the Tuesday announcement.

NDP Labour Critic and Essex MPP Taras Natyshak was on hand and challenged what he calls piece-meal job announcements, “I would question whether the premier’s announcement today is redundant. You know, just because you announce something twice it doesn’t mean you’re creating double the amount of jobs.”

Wynne says, “I’m troubled by the speed of the recovery, you know, which is why jobs and economic growth have to be our focus.”

As for Coran’s absence, Wynne said Coran was busy campaigning and she would be joining him on the streets.