WINGHAM, ONT. -- Eco Exeter has done it again. The South Huron District Secondary School environmental group has secured a grant of $3075 to purchase 41 more PPE recycling boxes for Huron County.

Eco Exeter started with six collection bins to collect used masks, shields, and gowns at South Huron Secondary School, and five other locations in Exeter, in October.

It's already filled one of the bins, which will be sent to a recycling facility in Toronto, where the used personal protective equipment will be incinerated. The ashes will used to make asphalt and bricks and the heat turned into electricity.

Eco Exeter suggests it would probably take a business using a few masks a day, over a year to fill a bin.

Masks can take as long as 400 years to breakdown in a landfill.

If you’re interested in hosting a PPE collection bin, you can contact Eco Exeter at or 519-235-0880.