LONDON, ONT -- Two teams from the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) with Western University are surveying two areas near London, Ont. Monday for evidence of possible tornadoes.

The teams began investigating damage across the area Monday morning after a line of storms moved across the region Sunday causing damage in several places.

The storms led to tornado warnings across the region as they rolled through.

“Part of our job is to determine what is traumatic damage and what is not traumatic damage,” says Aaron Jaffe, research engineer for NTP.

“We collect information and we determine the path length and the path width. We also look at things like where the debris was blown, so maybe debris was blown east in one way then north in another.”

Jaffe says it’s important to understand how frequently tornadoes are happening for two reasons - to design more resilient homes and structures in the future and to better predict when a tornado may occur so people can be warned.

North of Lucan, Ont. a farm sustained heavy damage to grain bins and an elevator.

Downed trees and other wind damage were seen across the region including in London.

The teams from Western will be working to confirm if the damage seen was caused by tornadoes.

They will be focusing their efforts on two locations Monday. The first will be in the Exeter area while the other is southeast of London near Belmont and Beachville.

Belmont has already seen one twister this year after an EF1 hit on June 10 causing damage to barn.

Meanwhile NTP has confirmed that a tornado touched down near Brantford on Thursday.

They say they have made this determination based on photos, videos and witness descriptions.

Due to the fact that there was no damage their preliminary rating is an EF0.

The NTP hope to have results from their investigation sometime Monday.