Police in St. Thomas are investigating after jewelry worth over $50,000 went missing from a residence following a renovation.

Investigators say the homeowner hired a renovation company to complete an extensive repair to her home over a two-week period.

Just a few days after the renovation was completed, the owner found her jewelry was missing from a hiding spot in her bedroom.

Police continue to investigate what may be a case of "renovation theft," but no further information has been released.

However, they are offering up a number of safety tips for homeowners during renovations including:

  • lock up valuables in a home safe or bank safety deposit box
  • stay home while workers are in the house or make arrangements to have a family member of friend oversee workers
  • indicate what is out of bounds - homeowners should not have to provide kitchen or bathroom facilities to the workers and be suspicious of anyone who wanders into an area not directly affected by the actual work site