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Possible match found for 'Babs' the dog

Babs the dog may have found her forever home after a London couple brought her home Monday night for a trial stay.

The cane corso/mastiff mix had been at the London Animal Care Centre (LACC) for five months after being picked up as stray two days before Christmas.

That set a record for the longest stay by any dog in the last two decades.

Babs’ fortunes changed following a CTV News London story on her plight last week.

Inquiries came into the LACC moments after an online story was posted and again after the story aired on television.

“Getting her on the news definitely made a world of difference. We had people calling from other provinces. The phones were just off the hook all weekend. We almost needed an extra person just to answer the calls,” said Animal Care Manager Lisa Baer.

Lisa Baer, animal care manager at the London Animal Care Centre, holds a posting for Babs the dog she just took down inside the centre. Babs moved to her potential new home Monday night. May 30, 2023. (Sean Irvine/CTV News London)One of the many calls that did come into the shelter was from Babs’ first owners, who had rehomed her and said she previously had 12 puppies and her original name was Nola.

Unfortunately, most of the inquiries were from people with children or pets, both of which are not ideal for Babs.

While she likes both, Baer said Babs often does not realize her size when playing.

A positive of all the attention Babs has received is an upswing in the adoptions of other dogs.

Over the weekend, Baer said five dogs were placed in new homes with several more adoptions pending this week — Which is timely as the shelter is currently offering half-off dog adoption fees.

Meanwhile, Babs will spend this week in her potential new home. If all goes well, Baer hopes the couple will adopt her this weekend.

“They fell in love. So they're taking her home for a trial period, a foster-to-adopt period. So I think it might work out,” said Baer. Top Stories

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