Surf and sand may operate 24 hours, but in Port Stanley the times for local shops have long been limited.

Until just weeks ago, businesses in Port Stanley closed at 5 p.m., even in the peak summer season.

But until August 24th, most shops are staying open, until 8 p.m. from Wednesday through Sun.

It’s an experiment headed-up by two local shop owners, who convinced almost two dozen others to sign on.

Wendy Kipp, the owner of James Street Home Décor, was one of them.

“The biggest complaint we got so far, was there is nothing to do (after five), so let's go around and ask the owners to participate this year, give it a year, knowing it might take two to three years to make it viable."

Those visiting the tourist town on Tuesday told CTV News they think the idea will work.

"The tourist industry has always been in Port Stanley and they've improved the pier and the walkway, so it may be part and parcel of all that," Becky Afman of St. Thomas, stated.

Her sister, Beth Afman says she’d avoided coming at night because shops were closed. She’s excited to be able to come and spend an evening at the beach, having dinner and go shopping.

So far, Kipp says her own business has benefited at the cash register from the extended hours.