A likeness of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has soared high into the sky with the help of a Port Stanley family.

A bobblehead of the beleaguered Ford was launched to the edge of space with the goal of catching the attention of American late night TV.

Of course it was all caught on video and posted to YouTube in a clip titled "Rob Ford HIGHER than he has ever been!!!"

Kacey Collins explains "Rob Ford went 32 kilometres - he got 32 kilometres high."

But why send the likeness of the Toronto mayor so high?

Collins and her daughters are just a portion of the Port Stanley-area family behind the adventure.

The flights with bobbleheads started with the wish of Collins' three-year-old nephew, but have since grown to a new company called Cooperative Exploration.

Sending up Ford was admittedly a publicity stunt - that has worked to get the attention of Toronto and local media, so far.

"It was far from political," Collins says. "It was just about his infamy, and you know that fact that everybody's interested in Rob Ford right now."

But getting the doll high into the sky was only half the fun. Once he came back down to earth it took a little modern technology to find him.

Collins' key job on the team is tracking the fall after the balloon gives out. Using GPS she found the Rob Ford bobblehead - shortly after the doll came down - about 100 kilometres away from Port Stanley and just north of Woodstock.

As the video shows, he was missing something after he landed and an area farmer had only found one half.

"The gentleman was already sitting there and had already picked it up for us - missing his head - so we had to go out in the field and search through the brush and we did eventually find Rob Ford's head."

And so bobblehead Ford's high adventure at least ends with his head back on straight.

As for who's next, Collins says a daytime talk show host is set to go to space.