The Skinner family is spending Family Day planning a trip to Kenya. The Perth County pork producers are trying to start a poultry co-op in a village in the African nation, after starting a dairy co-op during their last visit.

Why cattle and chicken, and not pigs?

Larry Skinner explains, "The Masai people believe all the cattle of the world will return to them, so they are huge into cattle, and pigs take a big back seat.”

While the Skinners have been before separately, this will be the first time the family has all gone together.

The trip not only helps farmers in an impoverished part of the world get ahead, the trip provides perspective, especially for Stewart Skinner, who has been candid with his discussions about farmers' mental health.

He says, “A trip to Kenya is not how most people might seek to improve their mental health, but it works for him.”

Jen Christie, a dairy farmer from Tara, is joining the Skinners on their trip to Kenya.

The Skinners are raising money to get the Kenyan Poultry project off the ground.