For the first time, London police board meetings will not be held at its headquarters on Dundas Street.

The Police Services Board voted 4 to 3 Thursday to make the move to city hall for most of its 10 annual meetings.

Board meetings are also expected to be held at other community venues across the city as well.

The move takes place starting in the new year.

The motion was put forward by councillor Mo Salih.

Even though the meetings are now live-streamed he says it will allow everyone to have better access to the gatherings.

Meanwhile, councillor Salih is one of three new members introduced Thursday to the police board.


Salih joined provincial appointee Vanessa Ambtman-Smith as new additions.

In the new year, councillor Stephen Turner will be replaced by councillor Jesse Helmer.

Ambtman-Smith is hoping to being a different perspective to the meetings with her indigenous background.

"I can be a voice for our community.and assist with issues of violence against women...and violence against indigenous women," she says.