LONDON, ONT. -- London police seized over $109,000 worth of cocaine along with weapons and other items during two raids on homes last week.

Officers executed search warrants at homes on Fieldgate Circle and Marconi Boulevard on March 5.

Police recovered the following:

  • .22 calibre rifle
  •  Prohibited knife
  •  910 grams of cocaine, value $109, 200
  •  Seven (7) kilograms of phenacetin
  •  Cocaine press
  •  Bullet proof vest
  •  Two expandable batons
  •  Assorted jewelry
  •  Money counter
  •  Two cellular phones
  •  Approximately $10,000 in cash
  •  Flamethrower

Two London residents have been charged with trafficking and weapons offences.

They will appear in court May 28.