An internal review conducted by the Waterloo Regional Police Service has found the officers involved in a pursuit that left two teens, including one from London, dead were acting reasonably.

An SIU investigation had already cleared the two officers of any wrongdoing earlier this year, citing the inexperience of the driver of the vehicle being sought.

The two officers were pursuing a vehicle after a report of an abduction and assault in Cambridge, Ont. in Oct. 2017.

The driver reportedly ignored police attempts to stop the vehicle, and the pusuit ended in a head-on crash involving a transport truck.

Nathan Wehrle, 15, and 16-year-old Taryn Hewitt of London, were both killed in the collision.

In a report released at a police board meeting Wednesday, Insp. Eugene Fenton noted the witness who called in the alleged abduction said the driver was 25, not 15, and a licence plate search would not have provided the age or identity of the driver or passenger anyway.

Hewitt's parents were present for the report's release.

"He just says they had enough information when I don't think they did," her father, Steve Hewitt says.

Kate Hewitt, Taryn's mother, says, "I just find it very arrogant, a lot of mistakes were made that day and everyone else, you know, put the blame on Nathan, [who was[ 15 years old."

Hewitt's parents are calling for an inquest into the incident.

With files from CTV Kitchener.