London Police have released a photo of a third suspect still wanted in connection to the shooting death of Mark McCullagh.

Ali Fageer, 23, of Toronto is charged with manslaughter, two counts of armed robbery, and two counts of pointing a firearm among other firearm charges. He one of three men suspected of being involved in the death of McCullagh.

He is described as a black male, approximately 5’7” tall with a slim build.  He has brown/black hair, brown eyes, and is known to have facial hair.  He sometimes uses the alias “Adam Anthony.”  He was last seen in Windsor, Ontario and has been known to travel between Windsor and the Greater Toronto Area.

Police say the Fageer should not be approached.

Steven Atkison and Kenyon Omahu of Windsor were both arrested earlier this month.

McCullagh was killed at his home on English Street in March of 2015 after a group of men allegedly intending to rob the residence confronted him while he was taking out the garbage. He was shot during the confrontation and was pronounced dead at hospital.