There’s a warning to the public from London police about a playdough-like substance that may contain fentanyl.

Police say during an investigation Monday, they seized approximately three grams of a purple substance that has the consistency of  playdough and may contain fentanyl.

Seizures in neighboring jurisdictions of a similar substance have been found to contain a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, or the more deadly opioid carfentanil, police say.

While test results of this seizure won’t be known some time, police are concerned there is a significant potential of overdose to those who may come into contact with this substance and are warning people to avoid any substance of a similar description.

Police say fentanyl and carfentanil are extremely potent and toxic and can lead to overdose. Overdose can occur via inhalation, ingestion, and injection.

The seizure resulted when police responded to a report of a vehicle in a parking lot in the area of Highbury Avenue North and Cheapside Street.

Two males were reported to be asleep inside the vehicle.

Police located the vehicle and say they found narcotics in plain view, including the purple substance that appears to be similar to what is known as ‘purple fentanyl.’

As a result of the investigation, two people are charged jointly with two trafficking offences.

Charges have not yet been laid in relation to the suspected purple fentanyl that was seized, pending an analysis of the substance.