A man was killed Sunday after the car he was in slammed into a concrete hydro pole in Brantford.

It happened around 10 a.m. on Colborne Street between Clara Crescent and Glenwood Drive.

Ron Ipperciel witnessed the crash.

"I heard the screeching from the car. I turned around at Colborne Street and I could see the car barrelling through the end of Clara Crescent into the hydro pole," he remembers.

Fire officials say the man needed to be extricated from the vehicle. He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

On Monday, police identified the 23-year-old male victim as Colton Pierce Nikolasevic of Brantford.

Police say speed was a factor in the crash.

"He was booking it. He was definitely going over 100 kilometres an hour," said Ipperciel.

The car was crumpled, wrapped around the base of the pole.

"The vehicle is basically holding up the base of the pole which shifted, it looked like, two to three feet just from the impact," said Wray Brimmer, the platoon chief for Brantford Fire.

Colborne Street reopened shortly after 6 p.m.