London police have charged a man with numerous offences following two alleged robberies in the Westmount area in which shots were fired in at least one case.

Police arrested a man in the area of Frontenac Road around 5 p.m. Friday.

They have now charged Haris Masic, 33, of London with:

  • Assault/cause bodily harm
  • Aggravated assault
  • Robbery/assault with intent to steal X2
  • Robbery/offensive weapon
  • Have face masked/disguised
  • Possess property or thing not exceeding $5000 obtained by crime
  • Use firearm/commit indictable offence X2
  • Point a firearm X3
  • Possess weapon/for committing an offence X2
  • Carry concealed weapon
  • Possess restricted or prohibited firearm without holding a licence and registration certificate X2
  • Occupy motor vehicle with firearm
  • Possess loaded regulated firearm X2

Police say on the evening of March 29 they were called to the area of Wonderland Road and Viscount Road. Shots had been fired in the parking lot of Jesse Davidson park.

Police were able to recover a firearm in relation to the incident and they also seized a vehicle.

They say a young couple was approached by a man who attempted to rob them of their vehicle. The man was shot twice and the woman was assaulted with a weapon. The injuries are considered to be non-life threatening.

There was also an incident in the Westmount Mall parking lot on February 10 in which a couple had their vehicle stolen.They told police they saw a silver handgun, but police found no casings.

That vehicle was found abandoned by police 20 minutes later at Village Green and Woodcrest Boulevard.

Nobody was injured.

That investigation is ongoing and police say more charges are anticipated.