The London Police Service Board went into Friday’s budget deliberations asking for $397-million over four years and walked out with $393-million.

Councillor Josh Morgan put forth the motion to give the LPSB the $393-million, four-million less than their ask, and Council approved it by a vote of 11-4.

That works out to $98.25-million a year through 2019.

The approval will allow the LPSB to hire seven new recruits each year from 2016 through 2019.

Originally the Police wanted to hire 13 in 2016 and seven in each of the following years.

Council has taken on a new multi-year format to budgets and Friday marked the second day of deliberations.

Council was scheduled to hear from city-funded boards and commissions with the London Police Services headlining the morning.

The final budget is expected to be approved sometime in March.