LONDON, ONT -- While most of us understand the importance of physical distancing a large group of people had to be reminded by police after ignoring the rules for a round of golf.

Officers were called to break up a group consisting of dozens of people who had snuck onto Fanshawe Golf Course to play a round.

Police tell CTV News they recieved a call about 25 golfers on the course, but an exact number was not known as the golfers left without issue.

While filming for the story the CTV News camera caught a group of three men walking the course despite it being closed by the city.

City officials are asking people to use their heads instead of their clubs.

“We’re having police show up and having to deal with the situation of people golfing on a golf course,” says Scott Stafford with the City of London.

“The police have other matters to deal with and more important things to work on right now.”