London Police say that an incident requiring the presence of tactical officers at police headquarters was due to a distraught officer but that the situation was resolved peacefully.

For approximately four hours the parking area at the rear of the headquarters was blocked off and police in tactical gear could be seen moving in an out of a door at the west end of the building.

A light armoured vehicle used by Tactical Rescue Unit was stationed near the door and an ambulance sat on stand-by a short distance away.

London Police Media Officer Sandasha Bough gave a brief comment saying, “We can confirm that there’s an ongoing incident at 601 Dundas. It’s been isolated to an area of the building and there’s no threat to public safety at this time.”

Later police released further information explaining that a member of the London Police Service became distraught around 2:30 p.m but was isolated in a secure area of the building.

All employees other than officers responding to the incident were evacuated from the area.

Waterloo Regional Police were also called into assist.

Police say the incident was resolved around 11:40 p.m. and say that no charges are pending and that they will not be releasing anymore information.