OPP say investigators have determined that the suspect in a national security investigation last week died from a gunshot wound.   

On Aug. 10, members of the RCMP attended a home in Strathroy to investigate a suspected threat to national security.

RCMP located a male suspect outside a home in Strathroy and during a confrontation with police the suspect died. 

The suspect was identified as Aaron Driver, 24, from Strathroy.

His remains were transported to the Office of the Chief Coroner and Ontario Forensic Pathology Service in Toronto for examination.

Strathroy Chief of Police Laurie requested the OPP Criminal Investigations Branch assume carriage of the investigation into the death of the suspect. 

Members of the OPP and Strathroy police continue to jointly investigate the incident under the direction of OPP CIB, Detective Inspector Brad Nunn.     

Meanwhile, members of London's Muslim community say they tried to turn Driver away from extremist views, and now they're being asked to work with his father Wayne Driver to lay his son to rest.

"We're partly respecting his wishes because we're going to have an imam there to say the prayers, but we are Christians so we're going to have something for us as well, right. So, we're combing the two services," says Wayne Driver.

Driver arrived in London on Monday to help take care of funeral proceedings.

He declined to be interviewed on camera but the retired military man says he's grateful to friends and neighbours who have been helping his daughter.

"The house, of course as you could imagine was a mess after the policemen went through and the neighbours helped out, put the house back together for my daughter. So we've had some people together to help us out. We've had meals made for us, things like that. People have been reaching out," adds Driver.

Driver also says the funeral for Aaron later this week will be brief with a grave-side only service.

"We're anticipating about 10-15 minutes, and then we'll lay him to rest and we'll be going on with our lives. Of course he'll always be in our memories and our thoughts and our hearts," says Driver.