After a weekend of heavy snowfall in the City of London and across parts of southwestern Ontario, plows, salters and sanders continue to try to finish clearing area roads and sidewalks.

It was a wild 36 hours of snowfall before Londoners were able to start digging out on Sunday night, with parts of the city seeing accumulation of just 30 centimetres of snow, but was closer to 70 centimetres in the west end.

That was a big number, considering communities within 30 minutes of the city still have green lawns.

Shortly after it started on Saturday, London police reported more than 60 crashes, and by midnight there were over 130. And vehicles getting stuck were causing headaches for plow drivers.

John Parsons with the City of London's Transportation Services say it was all hands on deck as they continue to work around the clock dealing with the sudden blast of winter.

The city has 62 road plows, 25 salter truck with plows and 38 sidewalk plows. In addition, the City has secured additional equipment to help with the clearing.

The cleanup was expected to be mostly complete by Monday afternoon. However, some sidewalks may not be clear until Tuesday.

Parsons says an early estimate on the cost of cleaning up from the storm is about $550,000, but there's still work to be done.

London had already spent around $9 million on snow removal this year, but with $11.9 million set aside there's still a cushion if there are more snow events before the end of the year.

Meanwhile in parts of midwestern Ontario the snow began falling again early Monday afternoon.

Driven by strong winds, blowing snow led to some tricky driving conditions. Some light snow from the system is expected to hit London.

Check out this cool video documenting the weekend snowfall created by London's Dave Mitchell: