A car hopped a curb as it drove past Chris Dunn's flashing school bus lights while several people waited to pick up their children in a west London neighbourhood.

The incident happened on Coronation Drive, next to St. John French Immersion Catholic School, on Wednesday.

“I opened my doors, turned my lights on, cars behind me stopped,” says Dunn. “A car approaching from the opposite direction decided they didn’t want to stop. Drove up over the curb…and beyond my bus, they turned back onto the road.”

Dunn says that situations like this happen to him as often as twice a week.

“We have kids here. We have parents here. We have numerous people here,” Dunn says. “Use your common sense. Stop. It’s 30 seconds.”

There was a similar incident on Springbank Drive on Thursday.

Ministry of Transportation rules say that when a school bus stops on a road without a median, drivers travelling in both directions must stop while the upper red lights are flashing.

Drivers approaching the bus from the front need to stop at a safe distance for children that are leaving the bus and crossing the road. Drivers cannot move forward until lights stop flashing or the bus begins to move forward.

Drivers who fail to follow these rules can face a fine from $400 to $2,000 for their first offense, plus a loss of six demerit points.

St. Thomas police charge driver

In another incident on Thursday morning, a St. Thomas driver allegedly drove by a school bus with its lights flashing on Scott Street near Jackson Street.

Police say the bus was picking up students and the bus driver was stopped with lights activated when the vehicle drove through the "bus loading area."

The driver and a witness were able to record the licence plate and provide that information to police.

A 28-year-old St. Thomas woman has been charged in the incident.

- With files from CTV London's Amanda Taccone