Like most towns in Ontario, Walkerton has a plastics problem. For years, they’ve been trying to keep plastics out of the landfill, but now they hope they’ve found a solution for at least some of that plastic waste.

The community has just started using a 'polystyrene densifier.'

You could call it a 'styrofoam compacter' as well, because it takes bulky styrofoam and compacts it into tight bundles, to be shipped off to styrofoam recyclers across North America.

Organizers say a 58 foot (nearly 18 metre) trailer load of styrofoam can now be compacted into bricks that fit into the back of a pick up truck.

And that’s makes recycling the styrofoam economical for end markets - and much easier to transport.

It’s not a the final solution, but Walkerton anticipates it will keep 90 per cent of the polystyrene products out of their landfill, and extend it’s life by years.