A Sun-Canadian pipeline has been shut down in the area of Vidal Street and Churchill Road in Sarnia after a leak of ultra-low sulphur diesel was detected.

A monitoring system alerted staff who quickly closed the line on Tuesday afternoon. A second portion of the line was also closed as a precaution.

An eight inch pipe reportedly ruptured beneath Vidal Street, buckling the pavement and sending diesel into a nearby stream and the St. Clair River.

Several precautionary measures have been taken to contain the leak, including the deployment of booms on the river, and while the leak has stopped, repairs continue.

Comprehensive water sampling has also begun to determine the extent of the release and monitor clean-up efforts.

Sun-Canadian says the release has been contained and the Ministry of the Environment and Eastern Canada Response Corporation spill team have been notified.

The company adds that their “first priority is to protect the environment and ensure the safety of the community.”

As repairs continue though, worries are growing in surrounding areas, and Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says the company owes residents and those down river an apology.

“You have a basic responsibility to communicate. When people woke up this morning they had no knowledge there was diesel fuel in the St. Clair River, that’s just wrong.”

People warned against swimming due to leak

Lambton County’s Community Health Services Department is warning the public to avoid swimming in the St. Clair River until further notice.

They say there are reports sheens were seen on the water after the fuel leak on Tuesday.

Any uptake of drinking water downstream from the spill has also been closed due to health risks.

Questions regarding the spill and clean-up efforts can be directed to Sun-Canadian Pipeline at 1-800-263-6641.