It was the usual start to the day for the Gaudette family in Timmins.

But what started as a normal breakfast, quickly transformed into a historical day. The final souvenir of a 138-year-old London factory, turned up at the breakfast table.

“We opened up the box of Frosted Flakes and I noted something written on the plastic bag (inside the box),” says Stephane Gaudette.

The message inside the last box of Kellogg’s cereal was written by the final three men on the line at London's now shuttered Kellogg's plant.

It’s been more than two months since the last box of cereal was produced at the plant.

“I found it kind of sad really because I knew it was a major employer in London,” Gaudette says.

“My heart went out to these people.”

At the Grain Millers Action Centre in London, where former Kellogg's workers go for help in finding employment, they knew exactly who wrote it.

“This wasn’t meant to be done as a joke. These are three fellows that took a lot of pride in their work,” says Mike Coulter, a former Kellogg’s employee.

The three men wrote their names and how many years they worked at the plant. They said it was the last box and dated it Friday, December 5, 2014.

Gaudette, a history teacher in Timmins, is still unsure of what the final fate of the box will be. But he knows it will be his next show-and-tell item at school.