LONDON, ONT -- It’s Friday night and you’re browsing the aisles of Blockbuster hoping the latest new release is still available.

Many of us can picture this experience that has since been replaced by scrolling through a streaming service.

It’s a time long gone from reality, but for many it is steeped in nostalgia, and it’s that feeling that is driving a petition to preserve one of the last locations of its kind.

In the township of Georgian Bluffs Ont. just west of Owen Sound you can find the former store still adorned with the classic logo across the top.

The store itself officially closed in 2011, but it is still gaining visitors and internet fame.

The petition originally posted to roughly four months ago is calling for the Blockbuster to be made a heritage site and turned into a museum.

“This site is of great importance to millions of people across the globe who grew up with this icon. Imagine getting to share the magic of Blockbuster with future generations by keeping this potential museum intact,” reads the petition.

Started by Andrew Stuart, he says the building could be used to provide tourism to the area.

Now it seems the petition is getting attention.

Just five days ago the number of signatures stood around 700, now it has more than doubled.

You can find the petition here.