On the waters of Port Stanley it was smooth sailing.

But on land it was a rough ride for sun-seekers who had to dig-in for the privilege of parking.

A couple from Windsor just shelled out eight dollars for parking on Saturday.

"I don't know, when you drive up and you factor in gas and everything it's a little much. But what can you do?" says Josh Rankin.

The municipality of Central Elgin has installed pay-and-display machines in five public lots.

Motorists are charged $2/hour, or up to $10 per day.

Officials say an estimated $230,000 will stream into municipal coffers to offset the cost of beach operations.

But Mackies owner Greg Lale is concerned.

"I think a lot of our customers that just drive down and wander around and have a bit to eat and then leave are a little concerned about the idea of having to pay $2 to come for a $4 french fry," says Lale.

But in the business district, shop-keepers are hopeful the pay-for-parking plan leads to progress.

"It's going to be good for Port Stanley if the money generated is going to go back into beautifying port Stanley which would be only a positive," says Wendy Kipp of James Street Home Decor.

"I can understand them doing it. I think it's reasonable. I'm just interested to see what people will think of it, whether it will affect us or not...I'd hate to see us lose a lot of tourism based on it," says chef Earl Wilson of Me & Suzie's.