Parents are feeling a little more vulnerable after charges were laid against a man for allegedly making video recordings of children in public washrooms.

The man was reportedly using a cell phone to capture the images.

Kristy Berner is among those parents who are concerned about the abuse of new technologies, “You think you see somebody on a cell phone, and you think they’re making a phone call. Next thing you know, they’re taking a picture or a video of your child. You know you’ve got to be so careful. You know it’s happened in the world.”

Police have laid half-a-dozen charges against a London man, including making child pornography, after executing a search warrant at a Berkshire Drive home.

Police allege the man had used a cell phone to make recordings of children at several unnamed local establishments, including family restaurants and businesses geared to children.

Grandparent Catherine Durston says it’s a risk she never considered, “I find it unnerving. I’ve taken my kids to parks, to the museum. You don’t want to think that somebody’s in the bathroom videotaping you children.”

London Police Constable Jenna Van Aarsen says awareness is critical for parents, “It’s becoming an increasing problem, especially with new technology increasing. You know the zoom capabilities on cell phones - tiny cameras you can put into pens. We are urging the public and parents to be aware of their surroundings and of their children's surroundings.”

The accused, 34-year-old Allan Gordon, has been released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court September 17th.