LONDON, ONT. -- A group of about 15 paramedics in Middlesex County are volunteering several times a day to deliver prescriptions for those too concerned to leave their homes during the pandemic.

“I’m pretty well delivering medications that people essentially need,” says Amanda Kuiack, a paramedic.

Over the past several weeks drug stores have been swamped with requested for deliveries.

“Everybody wants everything delivered so, our prescription volume and our deliveries doubled, “ says Nick Vander Gulik, the pharmacist at the Shoppers Drug Mart at Richmond and Carling streets in downtown London.

He adds, “ Having the paramedics help us with some of those deliveries to help prioritize people who are really in need, helps us take care of people in our community when they need it the most.”

The group has also created the Facebook page, Every Minor Action Helps, to get others in the community involved in assisting those in need at this time.