LONDON, ONT. -- Roughly 1300 kg of food donations are now in the hands of the St. Thomas Food Bank thanks to the organization Global Medic and local paramedics.

Elgin St. Thomas EMS paramedic Jennifer Cripton drove an ambulance to the GlobalMedic warehouse in Toronto to pick up the food Tuesday and delivered it to the Food Bank personally.

Elgin St. Thomas EMS

Elgin St. Thomas EMS deliver a food donation from Global Medic to the St. Thomas Food Bank on March 30, 2021. (Supplied)

"We're hoping to give back to the community and help get them on their feet," says Cripton.

Global Medic is an NGO volunteer-based service that responds to local and international crises

The St. Thomas Food Bank services about 9000 people per year and demand is up because of the pandemic.