London Mayor Matt Brown’s Advisory Panel on Poverty has made more than 100 recommendations  in a report released Thursday.

London has also applied to become a basic income pilot project site.

Among the recommendations include free LTC rides for children 12 and under, increasing food security and increasing licenced daycare spots.

The ultimate goal is to end poverty in London within a generation.

The report also contains implementation strategies and measurements to gauge progress.

“Six months ago, I asked the members of the poverty panel to confront an extremely difficult and complex challenge: What can we do as a city, as a community, to finally end the burden of poverty,” Mayor Matt  Brown says. “Today I am so pleased to receive their report. I know it is thorough. I know it is thoughtful. I know it is focused. And I know it will be a community call to action to all of us who strive to make London a better city for all.”

Panel members say they consulted extensive with community members to prepare the report.

“Panel members attended almost 100 meetings and met with more than 1,000 Londoners to fully understand the issue of poverty in our community,” says panel co-chair, Dr. Chris Mackie.

The report will be presented to council on April 18.