LONDON, ONT. -- Andrew Davies has worked in the construction industry for many years, and says when it comes to finding jobs, or finding enough trucks for a job, it’s always a challenge.

“Let’s say I have a parking lot I have to pave and I’m paving it tomorrow, I get on the phone and I call my seven or eight contacts I have and ask can I have their trucks for tomorrow? It’s a no usually, so that job takes a day back or a week back depending on how big it is,” says Davies, founder of TruCon.

Davies, who owns his own truck, says typically he will have to call around to see if anyone needs him and his truck for jobs, which limits the amount of job possibilities.

“I’m like, there’s got to be a better way than getting on the phone and calling people...A lot of the companies need to hire extra trucks to get their jobs done on time and that’s the problem in our industry, you can’t find enough trucks but meanwhile there is enough trucks they are just scattered all over the place.”

That’s when he came up with the idea of an online platform that would pair up truck owner and operators with construction companies looking for resources - called TruCon.

“This way you can get on the platform, book trucks and get your jobs done on time.”

Davies says TruCon currently serves the area from Windsor to the GTA. It’s super easy to use, whether you’re an owner/operator of a truck, or a construction company looking for a truck.

“You literally log on, click create account, it’s three easy steps and you can be either booking a job or booking a truck in literally five minutes."

This new business venture is not just helping stabilize work for those in the construction industry, Davies has also created ten jobs in the tech space through TruCon.

“So when I developed this I realized not only was I fixing a problem in the industry I was also creating jobs as well, it was a two for one and it’s fantastic how it’s come together.”

The hopes are to continue to grow the platform and expand it across not only the province but eventually the country.